Barefoot in Heels

This is all I ever wanted.

This is all I ever wanted.

Growing up I’d hear my Friends talk about what schools they wanted to go to, what careers they wanted when we “grew up.” I was always the odd one out, I’d say “I want to be a stay at home mom with 5 kids.” (Looks like I was a bit of an over achiever on this account!)

On my first date with Sean I told him the same thing, “I never want to have a job, I just want to be at home and have a big family.” The fact that, at 22 he didn’t run for the hills is pretty telling.

If you had asked me specifics, I would of told you the neighborhood I wanted to live in (which is where we live,) the clubs I wanted to join (check,) even the school I wanted my kids to go to (check again.)

Here we are, after a crazy adventure, back where I grew up and I couldn’t be happier.

Holding Aspen on my chest as I write this, I know it’s the whole reason I’m here, I love being a mom so much.

These kids can drive me crazy, they test my patience and even break my heart sometimes, but the last 18 have been spent doing exactly what I love.

This is tough, my last baby…even writing that makes me tear up, but man, I’ve been blessed.

This is enough, right here, right now.

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