Barefoot in Heels

Remembering who I am.

Remembering who I am.

I’m writing this through a sleep deprived fog, the kind that makes coherent thoughts hard and cohesive sentences even harder….but late last night it hit me, I’ve forgotten what really matters to me.

I’m a fighter, I’ve never been one to take the easy way out or follow the path of least resistance, I was raised to question authority and stand up for what’s right, but recently, I’ve become complacent.

It’s easy here, things look perfect, the world seems soft and kind, and it’s been easy to tune out what’s going on by turning off the television and burying my head in the sand, content in my new baby happiness and well decorated little cocoon, but the school shooting a few days ago has reminded me that that’s not who I am.

My kids were raised at rallies, they marched for marriage equality, protested the treatment of enclosed animal entertainment, screamed on the streets for a stop to the poisonous, modified crap the government was trying to feed them, they flew to NYC and occupied Wall Street and I taught my Girl Scouts the importance of peaceful protest and civil disobedience when we realized how hypocritical they were. This is who I am.

And I’m back. My head is swimming, the ideas are forming, I’m activated. Watching these kids take a stand for their lives in Florida has awakened me.

What can we do ? What can our kids do? What really matters? These are the questions stirring in my sleep deprived brain.

So moms, dads, kids, grand parents and good humans everywhere….what can we all do? Being complacent isn’t an option anymore.

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