Barefoot in Heels

Re-entry is hard.

Re-entry is hard.

As I was cruising down the 73 freeway, radio blaring, windows down, trying to capture some “summertime feels” I couldn’t help but notice the cars flying past me, I checked the odometer, I was barely going 55, yet it seemed so fast it made me nervous.

Re-entry is hard.

Go fast, wake up, check my email, look at the daily schedule….it’s draining. Kauai is my yearly reset, our time as a family to reconnect and put everything on hold for a bit, it centers me and reminds me what matters.

I’m, by nature, a high strung individual, as my mom often says “you’re a human “doing” not a human “being.”” It’s very true. From the moment I wake up, till I crawl into bed I’m on the go….except when we’re in Kauai.

Every year the first few days (weeks?) back is hard, I hunker down at home, keep my schedule as minimal as possible and only run errands I absolutely have to (with 7 kids this is still a lot.) I’ve learned to ease my way back into reality slowly.

While most people write about how hard traveling with kids is, I find it much easier then being at home, Sean and I get along best when we don’t have things like a broken AC or dead lawn to fight over, we work as a team better when he’s not as overwhelmed with the daily upkeep of such a large family (he’s actually trying to figure out why our kitchen is flooded while I type this.)

By the time school starts I’ll be back in the swing of things, running around, my master schedule back up (if it’s not in the calendar it doesn’t exist!!) But today I’m going to catch up on Southern Charm and hide at home!!

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