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Pinterest and Proud!

Pinterest and Proud!

In a world where “Bad Moms” reign supreme, and being a hot mess in yoga pants is cheered on….I just want to say, I love Pinterest and I’m not ashamed to admit it. 

I love picking out cute festive snacks for the kids holiday parties, searching for the perfect photo idea, outfits, decorating….whatever, I love it all!!

It’s not a competition, I’m not trying to out do anyone, I just really enjoy all this stuff.

I’ve been creating memories for my family for 17 years, and while they might not remember each and every thing, I know they’ll remember the feeling, the excitement, the look on my face when they come downstairs to a decorated living room and festive breakfast, they’ll remember that their mom “really loved the holidays.”

So today I wear my family themed costume, make monster pancakes, spider sandwiches and my yearly pumpkin cake, and I say thank you Pinterest….you rock!

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