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Packing is my superpower.

Packing is my superpower.

We were headed to our friends wedding a few weeks ago, just a few days up in the Santa Barbara wine country, and I asked Sean if he could pack a bag for the little kids…..

What he ended up with left me almost speechless, and kinda confused, wondering to myself “is he new?”

Is you’re reading this, sorry love, but I’m so about to metaphorically “throw you under the bus.”

What the what?

Random clothes of no discernible style or color, tank tops for cold days, stained play clothes and pajamas in lieu of actual clothes. I took a few minutes to take it all in, gave him my most “WTF” look I could muster, and proceeded to repack, in one tiny bag, everything they’d need.

Like the title said, Packing is my superpower.

12 weeks is the longest we’ve left for, and even then I managed minimal luggage with nothing left behind, I know what my kids will actually use (swim goggles and crayons,) and what they won’t (pretty much any toys or socks.)

I’ve learned to pack quickly and efficiently, and can get all 7 done in under an hour.

It takes practice, I think when Bella was little I brought more luggage for a weekend at my moms house then I will for 6 weeks in Kauai, I’ve learned that less is more, things can be washed, and (of course) to leave room for thing I’ll buy when I’m there.

Amazon will ship almost anywhere, so the days of loading up on sunscreen and shampoo are long gone, and if I do forget anything (I don’t, but, ya know , IF) then I could have it same day delivered.

I’ll never ask Sean to tell pack again (hmmm, maybe that was his plan all along,) but hopefully growing up the kids will be able to pack up and head out in a moments notice (gotta say, the older kids have this down!!)

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