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Mom friends…it’s a lot like dating….

Mom friends…it’s a lot like dating….

At least I imagine it is, I’ve been with Sean since I was 18 so I never really got to excel at the whole “dating game.” I do however, find making friends, in my 40’s with 7 kids to be a bit harder then when I was younger and just drank too much and ended up hugging strangers in the bathroom at clubs….(ok, not really , now I just hug strangers at Whole Foods.)

Many of my friends have been love at first sight, a group of girls out to brunch in Miami, who I couldn’t help but overhear and brazenly went up to asking “I’m new here and have no friends, will you guys be my friends?” Low and behold, 10 years later and my kids call These women “Aunties.” My other newfound BFF came at the most unexpected of places, a school fundraiser, we were seated next to each other and she causally mentioned “my husband hates taking me to these things because I get drunk and say inappropriate things.” I moved my seat closer and quietly whispered “you’re my people.”

My most recent experience involved an adorable mom to 3 who burst out into a little musical theatre number on deck at another school function….jazz hands ??? Oh ya.

On the flip side, there’s moms who I can’t “swipe right” fast enough (or is it left??) The ones who show dog their kids (competitive parenting is so not my thing,) or don’t even crack a smile at my inappropriate jokes (no matter how much Botox you’ve had, I’m pretty damn funny.)

I’m a girls girl, I adore my friends with my whole heart, they are the ones that make me laugh and keep the funny in my life, collectively it’s an odd assortment for sure, Rap stars, Chemist, vegans, moms and Influencers, some of us are in our 20s, some of us can barely remember our 20s (present company included,) but the one thing we have in common is we’re all awesome in our own way and totally support each other (okay, That’s 2 things.)

Making friends is hard, but when you get it right, and the “date” goes well, it’s so, so worth it!!

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  1. Kris May 23, 2018 at 1:47 am - Reply

    Love this!! It’s so true!! Keep spreading your amazingness lady!

  2. Valerie Bounds May 23, 2018 at 3:36 pm - Reply

    Standing applause!

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