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Maybe these are the moments….

Maybe these are the moments….

“I wish somebody would of told me that, someday these would be the good old days…” 

This song came on the radio (wait, is that the right word? It came on in my car from XM radio, so whatever that is,)  and after hearing it a few times, I looked over at Sean and said, “you know these are the days we’re going to look back on.” He smiled and said “I know.” 

The thing with having our kids in 2 distinct generations is that it gives us a wisdom we didn’t have the first time around, a perspective that was lost in the chaotic, hustle of just “getting through” the days. We know it goes by fast, we know eventually every kid will sleep through the night, that they’ll learn to use a potty and stop throwing fits in public, when older people stop us and say “enjoy it, it goes by so fast,” we don’t roll our eyes, but instead smile and give each other a knowing nod.

I woke up this morning, watched my older kids laugh with their dad, pack their lunches and head out to together, all 3 at the same school, where they eat lunch together everyday, then Curren did a dance for me with the gift from his older sister, Sean made pancakes, and we danced around the kitchen.

I’ll have 1 year with all 7 kids before Bella heads off to College, this is it, the “sweet spot,” it’s gonna be hard, crazy, and the sleep exhaustion when the new baby gets here in a few weeks will put a layer of fog over everything, but I know….I know these are “the good old days,” and I’m cherishing every little moment… I rock out in my kitchen to my new favorite song!!!

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