Barefoot in Heels

I never know what I’m doing.

I never know what I’m doing.

Seriously, I spend most of my days in a constant state of confusion, and truth be told I’m just wingin it most days.

I do a lot, I do it well too, and how this happens is a mystery, because when I wake up in the morning and look at my schedule (because I’m terrible at planning things out before hand,) I always get a puzzled look on my face and think “well, let’s see how this turns out.”

If you read my emails or text, they don’t always make sense (like my blog perhaps,) I kinda just write what pops into my head, ignoring things like grammar, dates, or any details really. I volunteer for things I have no idea how to do (PSO secretary , canvassing for a candidate and registering new parents at school comes to mind,) I’m scatterbrained, I can’t help it….but somehow (so far) it’s all worked out.

I remember starting my own Girl Scout troop and having no idea what I was doing, it was hilarious and super fun, (the closest we got to camping was getting a cabana by the pool.) I plan parties last minute, take trips with no planning, and say yes when I probably shouldn’t.

Oh well.

A wise women once told me to just show up, so I have.

Do I embarrass myself? Absolutely. Do I ask for help? All the time. Do I make friends with the super organized, has her shit together mom? Oh ya.

Any one else? Or is it just me who has no idea what they’re doing?😂

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