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How to not only survive, but enjoy the holidays!!!

How to not only survive, but enjoy the holidays!!!

Back in the day, I used to find this time of year overwhelming and unenjoyable, my to-do list was never ending, I spent money I didn’t have on gifts for family members I barely saw, and basically gave in to the feeling that the whole season was to be “survived.” 

Then I moved to the other side of the country and pretty much decided, this was my chance,  I was going to start my own traditions and take back the joy I’d previously only witnessed in “cheesy” Christmas movies.

So I asked myself …..what is it about this time of year that you love?

The answers came to me pretty quickly and pretty much all had one thing in common….I love taking the time to be with my kids and creating traditions that they’ll remember forever.

So here’s my pared down holiday list, things I do that I actually adore!!

1) Decorate…it’s like setting the stage to me, when I wake up in the morning and see all the twinkle lights and stockings, I get this warm fuzzy feeling. Thanks to technology and sites like Pinterest I can spend weeks (ok months) coming up with cute ideas and decorating tips for every part of the house, this year we have 12 wreaths, 3 trees, 8 stockings, and more garland then I can measure. It’s awesome.

2) Time together….as soon as the Calendar reads December it’s on, my kids love to bake cookies, decorate gingerbread people (look how gender neutral I’m becoming!!) make homemade ornaments and cuddle up with hot chocolate. 

We take the time to go to the local tree lightings, watch the boat shows, pair up in teams to buy each other gifts, and load up the NV for our fresh tree…I also make it a point to let the kids pick out one special decoration each year.

Tonight is our first year taking the “littles” to the Nutcracker, and I can’t wait.

Throughout the month all the kids will have various recitals, shows and concerts…I make it a point to make sure we all go.

3) Cheesy Christmas movies. 

I love them. Small towns, true love, always a happy ending and of course Santa. 

Perfect way to spend a Saturday night ❤️

4) Traditions.  Lighting the candles on Hanukkah (in case the whole Christmas thing threw you off, we’re actually Jewish,) taking our picture with Santa, opening tiny gifts in our wooden advent calendar, these are the things the kids remember year after year.

5) The big day…

Ok, so yes, the kids love Santa and we watch him on NORAD every year, but by the time the day comes along, we’ve had such a great month, that it’s just the final touch.  We don’t give gifts to each other, only Santa, and it has taken such a huge weight off my shoulders.

Happy Holidays everyone !!! It’s such a magical time of year if you just slow down and make it your own!! 

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