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How many people does it take to keep me happy?

How many people does it take to keep me happy?

The answer is 3.

When it comes to travel I’m hard to please, my kids know not to unpack, and that the chance of switching rooms (or even resorts,) is pretty high, I always request the top floor at the end of the hall, and make sure I get a a suite with at least 2 rooms so I don’t have to hear noise in the hallway.

I can’t help it, I know what I like (quiet) and what I don’t (drunk people and those obnoxious instagram pool floaties.)

We just got back from Grand Vela, and I have to say, they’ve exceeded my expectations once again. After inquiring about 1) occupancy, 2) weddings and 3) conventions (all of which fall into the things that annoy me category,) we booked our first “almost” kid free trip in years!

From the moment we stepped out of the airport, everything was taken care of, our amazing butler Caesar made sure everything was perfect, when Aspen couldn’t sleep, he found someone to go get us a baby bed, when the weather was too rough to take the baby on a boat, he found someone who would, our coffee was just the way we liked it, and when we couldn’t eat at the adults only restaurants, he had it delivered to the balcony of our room, he even held Aspen when she cried.

We very rarely “Vacation,” most of our travels involve VRBO, whining kids and random mattresses thrown on the floor, but this time, the stars collided, my mom could babysit, and we decided to treat ourselves.

This is our third trip to Grand Vela, first one in Baja, the ratio of 3 staff to every guest and the fact that they never say no and just figure out how to make things happen is not lost on me.

Hopefully we can make this a yearly thing (hint hint, mom,) because I can’t wait to go back!!

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