Barefoot in Heels

“Hey Honey, we’re only taking carry on’s!”

“Hey Honey, we’re only taking carry on’s!”

“Oh. Okay.”

(Insert long pause and perplexed face.)

Normally packing for Miami this wouldn’t concern me at all, I keep the house pretty well stocked with everything we could ever need and could (in normal times) make this trip without packing at all….but these are not normal time, these are “I’m 7 months pregnant,” times.

Nothing fits, finding a bathing suit this morning that could cover everything that needs to be covered took well over an hour (eventually I just said screw it and threw in a wetsuit,) and all my previous options for sundresses are now looking more like T-shirts.

Sean doesn’t seem to understand this, as I watched him throw a few shirts in a bag.

It’ll be ok right, I’ve come to think of packing as my superpower, and this is nothing compared to next months ski trip.

So my swollen feet can’t fit into the shoes I left there, no problem…I can’t see my feet anymore, so flip flops it is.

Big hat? I read somewhere that the bigger the hat, the smaller your butt looks, so I might just wear a sombrero on the plane.

1 kid…that’s right, I’m only taking Koa, a last minute one on one trip, and if you’ve noticed from previous pictures, my kids hardly wear clothes.

Ok. I got this. 

(Who are we kidding, we all know I’ll be shopping as soon as we touch down !!) 

Bon voyage!!

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