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“Do you ever wear the same outfit twice?”

“Do you ever wear the same outfit twice?”

I’ve had a few people ask me this recently and the answer is…..”sorta.” 

The people that know me well, know I can easily wear the same Wildfox black sweats for days, I have the same cozy Target tanks I stock up on every spring that are pretty much my year round, at home , uniform…I like to be comfortable, and basically a human dish rag at home, but when I leave the house? That’s a different story, and the answer is rarely…..I rarely wear the same thing twice.

Before you think I’m absolutely insane, I want you to look up Rent The Runway, it’s hands down, my favorite site out there, originally I used to use it just for formal events, the age of social media and the fact that step and repeats are popping up everywhere, made re wearing my favorite dresses almost impossible (I’m shallow, whatever,) but now, I use it for some of my everyday looks, they have a monthly unlimited plan, and I’m always getting new, amazing things.

I still love to shop, my husband would probably say after travel and the kids school, my upkeep is our next largest expenditure (feel free to chime in babe,) but RTR is a quick, easy way for me to try out looks I’m questionable about without commitment.

I love getting dressed, I love the story clothes tell (if you met my mother I’m assuming this is genetic,) and I adore how certain outfits make me feel….so if youre a fellow fashionista and have time check them out!!


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