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“Bouncing” back after having a baby, tips and lessons I’ve learned over the years.

“Bouncing” back after having a baby, tips and lessons I’ve learned over the years.

First let me say, I’ve never been one to “bounce” back, normally I land with a soft thud, and it takes me 9 months and a few breakdowns to get to a point where I feel good about myself again, (I know I should be more PC and love myself and my body, but that’s not me, I like fitting in my clothes and wearing a bikini so….whatever.)

This time I decided to try something new, I didn’t eat for 2 while I was pregnant (and when I had a craving I said a quick no,) and I’ve been watching what I eat since Aspen was born (instead of my usual, sugar fueled , Ms.Pac Man self.)

It’s working. For the first time I’m ok, I feel like I’m looking good and feeling even better…. Woo hoo.

I get dressed, even if it’s just in another bathrobe. After my first was born, I didn’t care, bathing was irregular, my clothes were often whatever I found on the chair from the day before , I had an “it’s all about the baby, who cares about me,” mentality.

Turns out that’s not very good for my mental health, getting dressed, doing my hair, putting on some makeup, that makes me feel better, more “Braunwyn,” and less dairy cow.

I chill. The first few weeks I take it easy, I’m doing what’s most important, bonding with Aspen, almost everything else can wait.

Bed share…It’s the only way any of my kids have slept, I’ve noticed in the past few years how scared new moms are taught to become…it’s sad, but honestly, sleeping with my babies is the most natural thing there is.

Nursing is hard. In case no one knows this, it hurts too. I’ve been lucky that it’s always come easy, but that doesn’t mean I’m immune to clogged ducts and cracked nipples …..currently writing this with a heating pad on mine.

Sleep deprivation is no joke, but you will survive, you might hallucinate a little, driving might not be the best idea, but you will survive ….it’s actually amazing how well I can function on no sleep, just don’t ask me to “math” or anything.

Let your husband sleep….seriously, if your nursing there’s no point, and the only thing worse then 1 sleep deprived parent is 2, I’m pretty sure Sean and I got into more fights when Bella was a baby at 4 am then all the other times put together.

Laugh. If you have the option to laugh or cry….laugh. Although you’ll cry a lot too, new babies make you feel everything so much more!!

To me this is the easiest age, it’s hard to mess up, they’re just so cuddly and lovable, they can’t roll their eyes or slam doors. It’s perfection, so relax and enjoy it, because the most important thing I’ve learned is how quickly it all goes by.

I’m sure there’s a ton more I’ll remember later…. but she’s done nursing and hates to be down, off to walk in bouncy circles!!

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  1. Kathryn March 23, 2018 at 12:23 pm - Reply

    Hey momma! Congratulations on your precious babe!! So beautiful! And you are, too!
    I “know” you from BBC. I haven’t been on there in over a year, but I googled something about what to eat in a day of breastfeeding, and a BBC thread came up in the search results. On the thread, you had commented, I saw in your siggy that you have a blog, and here I am! I have thought about you and wondered if you went on to have another baby, and I am so happy for you! Huge congratulations!! She is so so gorgeous.
    7 kids! That is awesome!!
    My youngest is almost 3 months now. A girl too! Totals 5 for me.
    Love your site! I’ll have to come back. 😊
    Hugs and congrats!
    (Oh and I definitely feel I haven’t bounced back yet, but trying to remember that in the past I hold weight while breastfeeding….I read that history of anorexia does this, to protect baby’s food source…which though frustrating is actually really cool to think about… You look great!)

  2. Autumn Haden May 6, 2018 at 4:01 pm - Reply

    Thank you for portraying mamahood with grace and love and a lot of fun. You inspire me so much. I just had my sixth and I cannot agree more with your advice. It doesn’t have to suck, beach life is the best, putting on some makeup and fixing my hair saves my sleep deprived zombie self and I’m snuggling my two month old baby girl in bed as I’m typing this and enjoying every single second. Your family is gorgeous and so are you. Inside and out.

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