Barefoot in Heels

Being an adult isn’t at all like I expected.

Being an adult isn’t at all like I expected.

I’m standing in my bathroom, attempting to paint my nails, when it occurs to me, “I thought I’d be way better at this by now.” It got me thinking, what else did I expect to of figured out by this point in my life?

As 41 gets closer, I’m officially middle aged, but I seriously don’t feel like I’m doing it right most days.

I still can’t keep a houseplant alive, even succulents seem to die in my vicinity, cleaning an oven is beyond me, and the fancy, elaborate meals I imagined cooking one day have given way to “How many pots does this require?” Because I really hate doing dishes.

Decorating, gardening, party planning…I’m still bumbling along, just kinda pretending I have it figured out.

On the flip side, there’s things that have totally thrown me…I go to bed at 9:45. 9:45!! How is that even possible? I used to love the nighttime, and swore I’d never be a morning person, but come 5:45, I’m wide awake! This makes me feel ridiculously uncool.

I like tea and reading. I never would of thought, this lover of crazy evenings out, would actually look forward to quiet nights in….never, and the even crazier part is how okay I am with it.

Growing older has happened without me having a chance to think about it, it’s like I blinked and woke up with a kitchen filled with Earl Grey and Kale, yet for the most part I’m still just going through the motions of adulting.

Maybe everyone feels this way and I’m just bad at hiding it!?!

What about you? What has surprised you about growing up?

I’d love to know I’m not the only one!!

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