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An open letter to my family as we get to the final weeks of my pregnancy…

An open letter to my family as we get to the final weeks of my pregnancy…

Dear family, you know I love you right? Ok, good. Now that we’ve settled that, let me make a few things clear.

I hurt, not the normal aches and pains that come with pregnancy, but the last month, off the charts, bullshit that you can’t really describe.  Breathing is hard, rolling over in bed is like an Olympic sport, walking, even just to the kitchen causes contractions.  Going up the stairs? Forget about it, y’all are on your own up there.

There’s a human, an actual fully formed person living in my body, pushing on my bones, kicking me (where no one wants to be kicked) and causing me to pretty much sleep in a chair each night.

I’d go into more detail, but I’ll stop, because I do want grandchildren one day and don’t want to scare you.

So here’s the thing, pick up your stuff, remember the other day when I said “if you don’t clean up your mess, you’re sleeping outside in a tent !” That wasn’t a joke. 

Sean, my dear sweet husband….you’re napping next to me as I write this and I’m kinda glaring at you.  All the things I’m asking you to finish around the house….I think it’s best, ya know for the sake of your life and all, to get those done quickly.

I’m cranky, we’ve been through this before, so we know it passes, but for now, just say “yes mom,” and maybe run away.
Love, your mother .

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