Where do I even begin.

We take two family trips a year, two trips where everyone stops what they’re doing, takes a break and comes together, with our busy schedules this time is sacred to me (if you recall last year between filming and a snowstorm, I missed it and sadly drank coffee alone in my kitchen.)

This year started out okay, I spent 4 days getting everyone fitted in the right sized clothes, ordered what we needed, donated what we’d outgrown, and headed out for a new destination. We’d spent time this summer with friends in Aspen and thought Snowmass would be a great, new destination for the family. We were wrong.

Let me start out by saying I know I’m very high maintenance, it’s who I am, I know what I like, and I know what I don’t like. I don’t like noise. At all. I like quiet. I know this seems weird being that I have 7 kids, but it’s true (it’s actually more of an over sensory issue, I never grew out of that “my socks aren’t right,” phase.) So when our first condo was right over the chairlift that blasted house music all day, I knew it wasn’t going to work out (shouldn’t skiing be John Denver and classic 70s hits anyway?) After a full blown meltdown, legit losing my shit in public, we had an amazing real estate agent that left her party and found us another condo (I did apologize for losing it by the way, hopefully I didn’t scare her.) This one wasn’t working either, it was beautiful, but on a busy road, and when I went to explore the village and asked someone “where’s the nature?” To be told I needed to take a bus, I knew this wasn’t a good fit for us. I’m out. When I go skiing I want trees and fields, snow forts and snowball fights, not Disney on ice. Sean, used to my “we aren’t staying here,” meltdowns, quickly went online and started looking for places in Beaver Creek. On Super Bowl Sunday. For 10 people.

No pressure.

Amazingly Sean did it , he contacted this amazing man, a father of 9, who wasn’t planning on renting out his house, took pity on us and let us stay. His clothes were still in the closet, his food in the fridge, but he’s like “I get it, come stay.” So we repacked for the third time, loaded the kids and drove through a blizzard to get here.

Let me say, for two people raised in the sun, driving in the snow was not fun, I don’t think I’ve ever had a more stressful drive in my life, 2 hours driving 40 miles an hour or less….but we made it.

This house is warm and cozy, well lived in with board games collected over the years, it’s perfect (I might be high maintenance, but I don’t need fancy, just clean and quiet.) This is my happy place. Was it a trek to get here? Oh ya. Do we do things most people wouldn’t consider? Yes again. Are we having the best time? Yep.

Moral of the story, if something isn’t working, we fix it, even if it’s hard.

In the end this has been one of the best trips ever, the perfect moment before the craziness of filming begins, and I’m now enjoying every last minute.