Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, it’s hard to write about your life when you’re not allowed to, but finally, after 6 months, I can finally say it, I’m a Frickin Housewife. BAM. Those of you that know me well know I was born for this, I’m over the top, opinionated, and live my life on my own terms, those of you that don’t, well, you’ll either love me or hate me, there’s rarely a middle ground.

Right before this opportunity presented itself I was in my bed crying, I’d been a stay at home mom for almost 20 years and I just needed something of my own, the prospect of more My Gym and Gymboree classes had me feeling sick, as much as I loved that stuff 15 years ago, I couldn’t sit in a circle with a bunch of women talking about organic food and pre school choices anymore, I needed something new, and then it happened, the text that changed everything.

With very few exceptions, becoming a Housewife is a process, they don’t just offer you the job, there’s a series of interviews with the different levels of the show, by the time you start filming, you’ve been “auditioning” for months, and with every round I wanted it more and more.

When the phone call finally came, I screamed and jumped up and down, it was my ultimate dream come true. Some people who are cast say “I’ve seen a few episodes here and there,” but me? I’ve watched every single one since day one, #superfan!

I’m so excited to share what I can with you!

Here’s to an exciting new chapter!!


RHOC season 14 cast !!