We were at brunch yesterday with some friends from school, we got there a few minutes late (because life,) and as we sat down they said “we were just talking about how amazing you guys are and what your mornings must look like, do you line them all up in a row and give them a kiss as they walk out the door?”

As beautiful as that Sound of Music visual is, we couldn’t help but laugh as we explained our mornings were a hot mess of “where’s your shoes, seriously you need shoes, OMG put your shoes on,” as Rowan runs out the door , half dressed, arms full as Sean backs out of the driveway.

Last year I made a blog about “Victory, every damn morning.” Things haven’t changed adding another one to the mix.

Today is the last day of summer, but we still have a chaotic schedule.

This morning Sean is trying to get some work done, I walk into the kitchen and ask “so, is that shaving cream project outside Daddy condoned?”

His eyes get wide and he bolts off the chair having no idea the little kids have pretty much covered the entire patio in white goo.

Up next is Rowan with a swollen red foot from a bee sting a few days earlier ….oh dear, quick call to the doctor (whose my grandpa luckily.)

Koa, she’s in summer school and I have to chase her with a hairbrush still, but whatever, she slept in a dress last night so we’re ahead of the game there.

Me? Oh I’m nursing all the damn time, Hazel won’t take a bottle or eat solids, and pretty much screams when I leave the room, so I’m living life one handed and bra less.

My hair looks good though, Bella was nice enough to wake up early and do it for me in fancy braids, so there’s that.

Our mornings will never resemble a Von Trapp musical, but they’re never boring and I know I’ll miss them when the kids are gone……right?

Ok…gotta get this baby unlatched because we’re late again.

Happy Monday!!