It’s the law of averages, the more kids you have, the greater the chance for disaster, or , as is often the case, multiple disasters.
I’m writing this, as I try and rebook my flight home with my youngest, who somehow managed to reopen her recently stitched up leg:/
My oldest was puking all night, the power went out making the condo unbearably hot, my morning sickness is just out of control, and Caden has a fever.

It’s making me look back on other fond memories, broken arms while skiing, the stomach flu that took down my whole family mid flight, the horrible ambulance ride through the remote parts of Mexico, the emergency dentist in Kauai, terrorist shooting in Paris.

Why do we do this again?

I know it’ll quickly join the others, memories that become hilarious over time, but damnit can’t we have one disaster free trip?

I often get comments on how easy we make it look….I know, I do make it look easy, it’s a gift I have….but the truth is traveling with kids is hard. Really, really hard.