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The Art of Ditching Each Other

Barefoot in HeelsWant to know our secret? How we manage to have so many kids and still have fun?
We ditch each other….a lot.

Kids are great, our older kids are some of our favorite people to hang out with, but honestly, little kids can be a buzzkill.

Sean’s scuba diving right now with Rowan and my Dad. Am I jealous? Nope, because I ditched him a few days ago to hang out with my friends.

Yes, it’s a family vacation, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend the entire time together, go do what you want sometimes, enjoy doing things you’ve always enjoyed, I promise you’ll survive the afternoon alone, and you’ll both end up happier for it!!

The Reality of the “Perfect Picture.”

I think we all know things aren’t always as they seem, but sometimes it’s easy to forget when we see these perfect pictures popping up on Facebook and Instagram, I’ll admit I do it.

So here’s the truth about last nights “perfect” moment.
Traveling with little kids is hard, Curren was in the midst of an epic 2 hour meltdown, immigration wouldnt let us in without extra forms (large family discrimination at its finest,) my youngest still had her stitches in and we were trying to find my dad (a surgeon) to remove them, I’m pregnant, just barely, and feel like I’m constantly hungover, my sister is upset because I didn’t hug her, and my teens think my “no phone” rule is the most unfair thing ever…
But then the sun was about to set, we have an unspoken rule when we travel to stop an watch no matter what, we all ran down to the Beach, and then it happened, the “perfect moment,” my kids all getting along, looking for shells, dancing the sun away.
They always exist, right next to each other, the hard and the cherished…
As I’m writing this, from my beautiful balcony, just know inside, the baby is taking a “breather” after a morning of screaming, Curren is banging on the glass, and Jacob had found a banned gadget Im too tired to fight about.

Ahhh, paradise.

And We’re Off…

Another summer has begun, for us that means hoping on plane the second the end of the year parties stop!
This summer we are heading to Miami, Turks and Caicos, Kauai and the Big island..8 weeks, 6 kids, 1 bag each.

I’m typing this from the American Admirals lounge in Miami, after a tough start where the Bugaboo that had accompanied me on all my trips so far, is suddenly too big.


Now I’m watching the younger ones chill in the kids area, hoping all goes well, Koa has been particularly crazy these last few weeks.

Everyone has a buddy, the snacks are packed, gadgets charged…it’s only 2 hours, what could go wrong !!!

And we’re off, summer 2017